Carrier boards and embedded systems

NVIDIA Jetson Compute Modules We have quantities of NVIDIA Jetson Compute Modules in stock which we can ship immediately as a kit in combination with an Auvidea carrier board. For larger volumes feel free to contact our sales team. Development Systems powered by NVIDIA Jetson Auvidea is a global supplier of video encoders, embedded systems [...]

CSI-2 flex PCB cable (22p to 15p)

 2,50 2,90

Flex PCB cable specifically designed for CSI-2 (with controlled impedance). This allows to connect an Auvidea carrier board to a camera with standard 15 pin CSI-2 connector (such as the Raspberry Pi camera 2.1). Specification: Model: 38426 Type: CSI-2 (2 lanes plus clock) Length: 60 or 120mm Width: 16mm Thickness: 0.3mm Pins: 22p to 15p […]

Privacy (original)

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W100 wifi add-on module (for E1xx)

  W100 – wifi add-on moduleThe wifi add-on module adds networking functions, wireless networking, transmuxing and custom software functions to the E110. It features a second USB port, 2 Ethernet ports (one is internally connected to the E110), an U.FL wireless LAN connector (2.4 GHz WLAN), and a micro SD card connector to extend the [...]

E10 compact encoder (LVDS)

E10 compact H.264 encoder moduleThe E10 compact H.264 encoder module features an LVDS HD video input mainly for block camera modules of various manufacturers. Mechanically this input is a KEL USL00-30L-C connector for 30 pin micro coax cables.       E10 – H.264 compact encoder moduleThe E10 compact encoder module on the photo on [...]

V100 HD Video Processor

  Click to enlarge   V100 HD Video ProcessorThis video processor combines two input sources plus graphic overlay into a single output. Each input features cropping, scaling deinterlacing and frame rate conversion. Flexible configurations are possible such as full screen video input switching, slide by side (3D view), picture in picture (PiP), picture over picture [...]