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CSI-2 flex PCB cable (22p to 15p)

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Delivery Time: ca. 48 hours
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Flex PCB cable specifically designed for CSI-2 (with controlled impedance). This allows to connect an Auvidea carrier board to a camera with standard 15 pin CSI-2 connector (such as the Raspberry Pi camera 2.1).

Model: 38426
Type: CSI-2 (2 lanes plus clock)
Length: 60 or 120mm
Width: 16mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Pins: 22p to 15p
Mating connector: FH55-22S-0.5SH (22 pin on carrier board with 0.5mm pitch)
Camera connector: 15 pin with 1mm pitch
Configuration: 1:N (contacts on same side)

If the Auvidea carrier board features a non-locking FPC connector, then the tiny tabs of this cable must be carefully cut off.

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