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Oct 4, 2022: Vision 2022 – CF100 camera with motorised focus
Auvidea presents the new CF100 FPD-Link camera at the Arrow booth. They are connected to a NVIDIA Xavier NX based Auvidea system, the ES-JNX30-3F. 3 cameras are pre-viewed. One is set to close focus – about 10cm. One is set to infinite. And one constantly changes focus between 10cm and infinite, to demonstrate the motorised focus.

  Auvidea embedded system for FPD-Link III cameras

Jan 25, 2022: Development systems for NVIDIA Jetson compute modules
The Auvidea development systems have been specifically designed for the NVIDIA® Jetson™ family of compute modules. These are Linux based compute modules with multiple core ARM cores, camera ISP, hardware video encoders/decoders and an embedded GPU specifically for AI processing and inferencing on the edge in embedded systems. These development systems are targeted to professionals who would like to develop and test software for AI based products, and also for students and enthusiasts to learn more about AI.

  Auvidea development systems for NVIDIA Jetson family

Oct 14, 2021: JNX400 quad carrier board for Xavier NX with 5 port GbE switch
The JNX400 is a quad carrier board for the Jetson Nano, TX2 NX or Xavier NX. The key application are inferencing use cases in low energy data centers. Any mix of compute modules is allowed. The master manages 3 slaves with control (console UART) over power up, reset and flashing (USB). The power supply is optional. The JNX400 integrates a 5 port GbE switch which connects to each of the 4 compute modules. Limited rev 1 samples are available now.

  JNX400 quad carrier board for Xavier NX with 5 port GbE switch

Mar 22, 2021: JNX70: compact carrier board for Nano and Xavier NX
A new carrier board for the Nano and Xavier NX. On the top side we have 2x USB 2.0 ports, 2 GbE (Nano just 1x GbE), M.2 NVME Key M PCIe x4 and 4x CSI-2 with camera synchronisation. Size: 69mm x 100mm. First samples: Apr 2021.

  JNX33 carrier board for Jetson Nano and Xavier NX

Nov 7, 2020: JNX33: 3x USB 3.0 carrier board for Nano and Xavier NX
A new extended version of the popular JN30 carrier board for the Nano and Xavier NX. On the bottom side we have added an M.2 key B slot for 3042 LTE cards and the new 3052 5G cards. An integrated 4 port USB 3.0 hub adds 3 USB 3.0 type A ports. The 4th port connects to the LTE/5G slot. First samples: Dec 2020.

  JNX33 carrier board for Jetson Nano and Xavier NX

July 29, 2020: FlexPCB cables: flex cable for high speed interfaces
7 different types for: USB 2.0 (5 pin 0.5mm pitch), USB 3.0 (12 pin 0.5mm pitch), PCIe x1, CSI-2, HDMI, CSI-2 converter for AlliedVison Alvium camera (all 22 pin 0.5mm pitch), and CSI-2 (15 pin to 22 pin). All cables are currently available in 60mm and 120mm length. Custom versions on request.

  CSI-2 15 pin to 22 pin FlexPCB

July 28, 2020: U200: LTE, 5G, GPS add-on with 4 port USB 2.0 hub
The U200 is an add-on module with a single USB 2.0 connection. It can directly connected to most Auvidea carrier boards. Also it may be used with other embedded systems like the Raspberry Pi and others. It can be mounted under the J120 and JNX120. It can be mounted flush on the back of the JNX120-LC to be most space saving. GPS: Ublox NEO-M8N.

  U200 add-on modules with LTE, 5G and GPS

July 8, 2020: JNX120: a J120 carrier board for the Nano & Xavier NX
We are converting our popular J120 carrier board for the TX2 to the Jetson Nano and Xavier NX. An onboard crypto chip supports authentication. A 5V 8A power supply fully supports the power demand of the Xavier NX.

  JNX120 carrier for Nano and NX

June 29, 2020: M52: M.2 key B GbE controller (RTL8153)
Today we successfully tested our first M.2 key B controller card which provides a full performance GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) port. It connects to the USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface of the M.2 key B port. Max. height of the components only 2.3mm. RJ45 connection via an onboard 0.8mm pitch cable header. This is the first product in our new line of M.2 controller cards with interfaces like GbE, USB 3.0, SATA, CAN, RS485 and more. Please contact us if you have any special requirements.

  M.2 key B GbE controller

June 18, 2020: CNX100: first production run of rev 2
12:00: 53 PCBs were received out of the order of 120 pcs. The PCB vendor had a production issue and needs to redo the rest.
14:00: 2 prototypes are assembled and 3D AOI tested. Quick system level testing shows that boards are operational.
21:00: 51 pcs are assembled and 3D AOI tested. All components are automatically placed by our pick & place line. They are shipped out to the customer by overnight courier.
The target was 6 weeks from the start of the project to the completion of the first production run – we did it in 4 weeks and 1 day.

June 9, 2020: CNX100: PCB production of rev 2 started
Today the production of 120 PCBs with custom layer stack and controlled impedance and 1 week service was started. It was a challenge to find a PCB vendor with this kind of service. Production takes place in Europe so the final product can be shipped over night.

June 5, 2020: CNX100: PoE++ (802.3bt) is now working
With the quick help of Silvertel’s tech support we were able to identify the problem with the Silvertel AG5810 60W PoE++ (PD) module and the Netgear PoE+ switch. We had to remove capacitors at the power input of the AG5810 module. This capacitance caused issues with the PoE signature. We selected this module as the limited power budget of PoE+ (802.3at = 23W max) is not able to power a Xavier NX system at full load. By supplying power via all 4 signal pairs (4PPoE) the AG5810 can deliver up to 60W (12V 5A). Next we will test the system under full load with a 802.3bt injector (Phihong POE90U-1BT).

June 4, 2020: CNX100: first 5 prototype boards build
After a few little corrections of the components populated we populated a Jetson Nano module and booted Linux within 1 hour. The basic interfaces tested fine.

  custom Jetson Xavier NX carrier board

May 31, 2020: JNX23: dual Ethernet and HDMI for the Xavier NX
We have completed the design of the JNX23. It is based on the JNX22 and adds a standard HDMI connector (up to “4kp60” or 2160p60). Two 5V 5A DC converters fully support the Xavier NX and power hungry peripherals. Input voltage up to 48V.

  Jetson Xavier NX carrier board

May 31, 2020: Auvidea in full operation
In this Corona crisis Auvidea is still fully operational. This includes sales, shipping and manufacturing. Supply chains are operational. Carrier boards and embedded systems can be shipped out with short lead times. We welcome your orders.

May 27, 2020: CNX100: design completed
We have completed the schematic entry and layout in-house and placed an order for 5 prototype PCBs. The bottom side can be seen here. Sourcing of unique components is proceeding. Total components: 664. These are all SMD components (with the exception of the 2 optional MicroFit headers) so our in-house fully automated SMT assembly line can pick and place the components efficiently.

  custom Jetson Xavier NX carrier board

May 23, 2020: J120 with imx219 camera
We have prepared a beta release firmware with supports one imx219 camera with Jetpack 4.3 for the J120 and similar carrier boards. The beta firmware may be downloaded here.

May 23, 2020: CNX100: mechanical design complete
We have finished the placement of mechanical components: connectors, M.2 slots, hex spacers, mount holes, MikroBus headers, Wifi module. A step file was delivered and the customer verified, that it fits his enclosure design.

May 21, 2020: CNX100: developing custom NX carrier in 6 weeks to production
Auvidea was contracted to design and manufacture a custom carrier board for the Xavier NX. The challenge is to start the project now and to deliver a first production batch of more than 100 pcs in 6 weeks. This carrier features 4PPoE (PoE++ or 802.3bt), M.2 slot for 5G modems (with dual SIM and USB 3.0), mPCIe, MikroBUS, LM823 Wifi, dual CSI-2 cameras and optional battery charger. We will document the progress made in this blog.

May 16, 2020: JN30 rev 7: first batch produced (38346-7)
The JN30 rev 7 is ESD hardened and provides extra over voltage protection for the 12V models. The OVP cuts off power if the input voltage is above 16V to protect the board. The LC-PD version now adds 2 features: SD card reader and I2C connector (to connect OLED status displays).

May 15, 2020: U100 rev 2 LTE and Wifi module (38372-2)
The U100 features 2 M.2 slots for USB Wifi cards (e.g. Laird 60-2230C) and M.2 LTE cards. Mini or nano SIM options. Alternatively a LM Technologies LM823-1463-5 2.4GHz Wifi module may be soldered on the module or a Nimblelink Skylink module (for US cellular networks) may be inserted in the optional pin header (new option with rev 2).

April 25, 2020: Xavier NX compatible carrier boards
The JN30B supports the 10W power mode of the Xavier NX (3A max @5V). The JNX boards support the full power modes of the Xavier NX (5A max @5V). This includes the JNX22, JNX30 and JNX80. The JNX80 is designed for single and dual systems. And also for very space saving and compact systems.

April 20, 2020: JN30B ESD sensitivity
We investigated the ESD sensitivity of the JN30B in certain use cases. The Nano can perform a hardware reset and reboot, if noise by an ESD discharge couples into the reset input of the Nano. Rev 6 boards can be patched by drilling out a via. Also the mount holes should be isolated from a metal enclosure. JN30B rev 7 boards will be ESD hardened. Isolation from the metal spacers is no longer required.

Sept 13, 2019: JN30B BSP package
First release of firmware (BSP) for JN30B for the Nano production version)

Sept 9, 2019: JN30 manual
Initial version of the JN30 manual published (version 1.0)

Sept 4, 2019: JN30 rev 4 has been tested with Nano production module, 2 RPi cameras 2.1 with imx219 sensor and micro SD card. The BSP package based on Jetpack 4.2.2 will be published shortly.

Sept 3, 2019: JN30 rev 5 will feature 4 CSI ports (2x 4 lane and 2x 2 lane). First samples in Oct 2019.

Sept 2, 2019: 38363-2 4 port Ethernet module for the JN30 and other carrier boards now fully operational (rev 2). 4 100bT Ethernet ports with 4 USB to Ethernet controllers and 4 port UB 2.0 hub are integrated. All 4 Ethernet ports support PoE PSE powering of network IP cameras (class 4).

July 10, 2019: manual for the J120 and J121 revised (version 2.0)