Development Systems

The Auvidea development systems have been specifically designed for the NVIDIA® Jetson family of compute modules. These are Linux based compute modules with multiple core ARM cores, camera ISP, hardware video encoders/decoders and an embedded GPU specifically for AI processing and inferencing on the edge in embedded systems.

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These development systems are targeted to professionals who would like to develop and test software for AI based products, and also for students and enthusiasts to learn more about AI.

The Auvidea development systems include Jetson modules with integrated eMMC flash, instead of the micro SD car slot present in the NVIDIA Jetson developer kits. These development systems are industrial strength and may be deployed in products targeted for production.

Boot from SSD

All Auvidea development systems are designed so that they can be booted from SSD. They have fast boot times and a boot partition of practically unlimited size. To fit the entire suite of software tools and SDKs provided by NVIDIA, Auvidea strongly encourages the users to fit an NVME SSD of 128 GByte or more to boot from this SSD and to have plenty of storage capacity in the boot partition available.

X221 development system

X221 development system for the AGX Xavier

With this high performance development system you can easily create and deploy end-to-end AI robotics applications for manufacturing, delivery, retail, smart cities, and more. Supported by NVIDIA JetPack and DeepStream SDKs, as well as CUDA®, cuDNN, and TensorRT software libraries, the development system provides all the tools you need to get started right away. It comes with the 32GB or 64GB AGX Xavier production module and optionally a 128GB NVME SSD. The typical power consumption is 30 watts.

JNX30D development system for Xavier NX

The Xavier™ NX based development system brings supercomputer performance to the edge. It allows developing multi-modal AI applications with the NVIDIA software stack in as little as 10 watts. You can also now take advantage of cloud-native support to more easily develop and deploy AI software to edge devices. It comes with the production Xavier NX module with 16GB eMMC flash and 8 or 16GB RAM. The typical power consumption is 10 watts. This development system is also compatible with the Jetson Nano and TX2 NX modules.
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JNX30D development system
JN30D development system

JN30D development system for the Nano

This entry level development system is ideal for teaching, learning, and developing AI and robotics. It is a small, powerful computer that lets you run multiple neural networks in parallel for applications like image classification, object detection, segmentation, and speech processing. It comes with the 4GB Nano production module and optionally a 128GB NVME SSD. Power is provided by a USB-C power adapter and the power consumption is typically 5 watts. We also offer a high quality development system with the JNX30D included.
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Evaluation systems

Auvidea also provides different evaluation systems to explore more specific use cases. These include multi module carrier boards with the Jetson Xavier NX module, integrated network switches with PoE, multiple USB or camera ports and camera ports with cable extension (FPD Link III).

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