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New products


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New: J121 and J142 carrier boards with improved TX2 support

Jetson TX2 carrier board

The J121 and J142 are TX2 specific versions of the J120 and J142. Both now feature 2 USB 3.0 ports while keeping the same physical form factor. Both boards are starting to ship now. The new J120A features dev kit firmware compatibility and auto flashing for easy upgrading.


New: JN30 Jetson Nano carrier board for 2 monitors

Jetson Nano carrier board

The JN30 is designed for the new entry level compute module in the NVIDIA Jetson family – the Jetson Nano. It supports easy flashing (auto flashing), 2x monitors, 1x USB 3.0, GbE (with PoE), 4x CSI-2, power in 12 to 48V, M.2 NVME SSD (PCIe x4), supercap option for graceful power down. The JN30 is available now.
data sheet v1.2    JN30-LC    JN30    press


New: J220 Jetson TX2 carrier board for 2 4kp60 monitors

Jetson TX2 carrier board

The J220 supports easy flashing (auto flashing). Just plug the USB OTG cable and the Jetson will automatically enter flashing mode. The J220 is firmware compatible to the TX2 dev kit. 2x HDMI (up to 4kp60), 2x USB 2.0, GbE, CAN, 6x CSI-2 (optional), power in 12 to 48V, PCIe optional, supercap option for graceful power down. The J220 is shipping now.


New: X200 Jetson AGX Xavier connects to 9 GigE cameras

Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board

NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier with 9 PCIe based GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) ports to connect 9 GigE cameras for multi camera applications. Each GbE port is natively connected and will offer the maximum data rate.


New: X200 Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board with 5 PCIe slots

Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board

Auvidea’s first carrier board for the new NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier. Its focus is to exploit all interfaces of the compute module in a transparent manner. So it exposes all PCIe interface on 5 PCIe slots. This allows for testing of the full PCIe I/O connectivity. Ports: USB2, USB3, 2x USB-C, 2x HDMI, 2x CAN, 8x CSI-2, GPIO, GbE, UARTs, power input: 12 to 48V. A compact version is in the works.


New: M130 add-on board for J94 (for TX1 and TX2)

M130 add-on board for J94

Add-on board for the J94 carrier board for the TX1/TX2 with 2 slots for extension modules (GbE, SATA or USB3). The picture shows a setup with 2 GbE (Intel i210) modules for a total of 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports. Other ports: UART, SATA, USB.


New: compact GbE module with i210

compact PCIe GbE module with i210

Compact Gigabit Ethernet controller module with Intel i210 controller, magnetics and RJ45 connector (38322). Only 20x70mm. Ideal for connecting multiple GigE cameras to a TX1 or TX2 based system. Optional: PoE to power GigE cameras.


4kp60 CSI-2 camera for Jetson TX1

4kp60 CSI-2 camera for Jetson TX1

Compact 41.3 megapixel CSI-2 camera module for professional applications. With highest resolution and superior image quality. For the Auvidea Jetson TX1 carrier boards. Up to 4kp60 and 8kp15. With integrated Zeiss lens. Optional CS mount and camera interface adapter modules. 360° camera systems (with 6 cameras) in development.


New: RB-Connect Ethernet for Apple iOS

RB-Connect Ethernet for Apple iOS

This unique Lightning to Apple iOS adapter is package in a stylish and sturdy aluminum case. It is powered by the iOS device (iPhone or iPad) and provides a Gigabit Ethernet connection where Wifi is not available or not reliable enough. No software installation required. Just connect to a DHCP server.


J90 carrier board for the TX1/TX2

J90 carrier board for the TX1/TX2

The J90 is the new compact and low cost carrier board. Lowest vertical size (no components on the bottom side). The J90-LC is only €99 net and features: 2xUART, CSI-2, 100BT Ethernet, I2C, SPI, GPIO, USB 2.0 and 3.0. The J90 (€179 net) is fully populated and adds fan, 2nd CSI-2, CAN, IMU, and watchdog (MCU). Optional RPi like GPIO header (bottom). Starts shipping in June 2017. Details


New: J106 for 6 cameras (360° camera)

J106 for 6 CSI-2 cameras

The J106 carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 or TX2 has 6 CSI-2 interfaces and supports up to 6 cameras like the Raspberry Pi camera 2.1. A complete firmware image with pre-installed driver is provided. Each camera provides a resolution of 1640×1232 pixels with 2×2 binning and a viewing angle of 62°. Details

J106 for 6 CSI-2 cameras

Preconfigured sets: 3 kits are available in the online shop.


J140 carrier board for the TX1/TX2

J140 carrier board for the TX1

The J140 is based on the popular J120 carrier board for the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 compute module. It has all the features of the J120, but it adds a second GbE controller, 2 more CSI-2 ports with 4 lanes each and a 2S Lipo charger with 2 cell balancer and battery monitor. This facilitates the integration of a battery backup system (UPS).


E412 compact H.264 encoder module

E412 compact H.264 encoder

This module features the same high encoding quality as the E1x and E1xx encoder with more flexibility and a very fast boot up time (2 seconds). HDMI input up to 1080p30 (1080p60 optional). H.264 encoder: base, main and high profile. Size: only 22x64mm. Power: 5V (0.5 to 1 watt).


V20 Raspberry Pi camera emulator with SDI input

V20 RPi camera emulator

This module features an SDI input and CSI-2 output with 2 lanes, to connect to the CSI-2 camera input and to emulate the Pi camera. No special driver required.

  • SDI input (MCX): 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p30
  • loop through SDI output (MCX)

V100 HD Video Processor

V100 HD Video Processor

General purpose HD video processor for 2 inputs and 1 output: Add-on modules for additional inputs/outputs and audio mixing planned.

  • 2 HDMI inputs up to 1080p60
  • HDMI output: up to 1080p60
  • scaling, cropping, de-interlacing, format conversion
  • PiP, PoP, side-by-side, 3D view, and more

J130 carrier board with HDMI input up to 2160p30 (4k x 2k)

J130 carrier board for the Jetson TX1

New carrier board for the Jetson TX1/TX2 with 4k video input for high end video processing applications (with TC358840).

  • HDMI input: 2160p30 (4k x 2k)
  • HDMI input: 1080p60
  • 4x PCIe slot
  • SATA

J120 carrier board with HDMI input up to 1080p60

J120 carrier board for the Jetson TX1

RidgeRun has ported the driver for the B102 HDMI in to CSI-2 module to the J120 (with 4 CSI-2 data lanes). The driver supports the following modes:

  • 1080p60
  • 1080p50
  • 720p60
  • 720p50
  • 640x480p60

Other modes may be added in the future. The firmware with compiled kernel and driver may be downloaded from the support page.


J120 carrier board for the NVIDIA® Jetson™ TX1/TX2

J120 carrier board for the Jetson TX1

The J120 is a very compact carrier board for the new Jetson TX1 compute module by NVIDIA. It packs very high CPU and GPU performance into a tiny form factor to create a true super-mini-computer. The J120 rev 3 is shipping now. It supports IMU, SPI, 1x CAN and the B102 HDMI input. Please download the firmware from the support page.


B101 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge for Raspberry Pi and Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier boards

The wait is over. This little video input module for the Raspberry Pi is shipping now. It is supported by raspivid with 1080p25 cameras. Most action cam support this format. Please make sure, that your camera is supported. We are developing an HD video processor (38189-3) which convert any resolution and frame rate to 1080p25. Please check the B10x manual for details. The special price is only €69.80 net without shipping. EU customers are subject to 19% VAT (€83.06 incl. 19% German VAT and shipping).

compact encoder with Sony FCB-SE600
  • raspivid driver for 1080p25 cameras
  • compatible with most action cameras
  • small form factor
  • direct interface with 15 pin FFC cable to RPi camera connector and CSI-2 connector on J100

Sony FCB-SE600 with H.264 video encoder

The firmware now supports the Sony FCB and the Panasonic block cameras. All camera functions may be remotely controlled via an IP connection (web interface or http request API). Here a setup with a very compact and light weight block camera is shown. For a limited time the complete kit with camera, encoder, cables and power supply is available at a special introductory price.

compact encoder with Sony FCB-SE600
  • Sony FCB-SE600:
    3x motor zoom, auto focus, 83 grams
  • IP remote control of the VISCA RS232 interface
  • via web interface
    (E10 has integrated web server)
  • 10/100 Ethernet (Wifi optional)
  • list price: EUR 599 net
    (plus 19% VAT, if applicable)

E12 compact H.264 encoder

These new compact encoder module feature flexibility, high quality and small size. First samples are available now.

compact encoder
  • high quality video encoding
  • base, main and high profile H.264
  • live change of encoding parameters while streaming
  • compact size: approx. 50 x 60 mm
  • very light weight for portable applications
  • interfaces: LVDS (E10), mini HDMI (E12) and HD-SDI (E20)
  • E10 and E12: available now

E112 H.264 encoder

The E112 H.264 encoder is a new addition to the E1xx family of encoders.

E112 H.264 encoder
  • same features as E110 H.264/AAC audio/video encoder/decoder
  • base, main and high profile H.264
  • live change of encoding parameters while streaming
  • new: both HDMI connectors on the same side for easy integration
  • new: 2 powering options for internal and external power

High speed design services for your custom design

Rapid prototyping:
We take your project from concept to a working prototype in just a few days.
High speed design:
We have design experience with high speed logic such as HD-SDI, HDMI, USB, 100/1000 Ethernet, CSI-2 and more.

  • audio and video (analog and digital)
  • digital wireless audio
  • networking and audio/video streaming
  • audio and video encoding
  • micro controllers
  • Linux on embedded platforms
  • schematic entry and PCB layout
  • prototype production
  • customization of standard products

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