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W230 ZED-F9P top

In addition to our core products, high-quality carrier boards, Auvidea offers a wide range of add-on modules that prove to be very useful in the implementation of your projects.

WiFi Modules

For many IoT projects, WiFi modules are becoming increasingly important. Reliable transmission of real-time data is of utmost priority in this regard. Auvidea provides a variety of M.2 WiFi modules that are known for their reliability in daily use. These modules are highly versatile due to their various connectivity options.

LTE Modules

Another exciting innovation is the ability to remotely maintain your systems via LTE. Using this technological solution in your future products will save you a lot of resources, time, and money. For this use case, Auvidea offers several LTE add-on modules with various connectors and features. For detailed information, please refer to the “LTE” category in our webshop.

GPS (GNSS) Modules

In many use cases, obtaining accurate location data of the devices in use is becoming more and more essential. The more precise and up-to-date the location data, the better. Auvidea offers in its product range suitable M.2 modules for location transmission via GPS (GNSS). These compact modules achieve centimeter-level positioning accuracy (RTK) with fast convergence times (<10s). Their reliable performance enables precise navigation and tracking applications. The RTK standard provides high-quality data collection in a small and energy-efficient module, suitable for applications such as surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, and autonomous vehicles. The M.2 form factor brings simplicity and compactness, allowing easy, space-saving integration into your devices.

M.2 Adapters

In our “M.2 Module” product category, you will find numerous useful and high-quality adapters that provide you with individual options to connect desired devices to your carrier boards. Please note our LAN adapters from PCIe to GbE and USB3 to GbE, as well as our USB adapter from PCIe to dual USB 3.0.