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New Product Prototype: P9 basic power input protection

This module provides basic power protection for the modular carrier boards.

Key Features

common mode filter

  • improved EMI

DC power in: 19V max (4A nominal)

DC power in options

  • 12 pin header to carrier board
  • JST GH 4 pin

2x caps

  • 100uF 25V electrolytic, height 6.5mm
  • 2nd cap optional


  • power protection with UVLO, OVL and power limiting (TPS2493)


  • Size: 65mm x 19.5mm (LxW)


  • 38671

reverse voltage protection

  • highly efficient with MOSFET
  • 18V TRS diode for protection against over voltage spikes (>20V)

Shop: P9 basic power input protection

New Product Release: P18 PoE++ with GbE controller and GPIOs (Power Input)

Introducing our latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) Add-On Module, now compatible with all Auvidea carrier boards featuring a 22-pin FPC PCIe X1 connector on the bottom side. This advanced module enables powering via the Ethernet connection and supports the use of an M12 X-Code connector. With a peak power of 72W, it’s designed for high-power systems like the Orin NX. Here are the key features of this versatile module:

Key Features

PoE PD (Powered Device)

  • Adds power input to power the system from the network connection.

PoE++: 802.3bt Type 4

  • Delivers up to 72W of power for high-demand applications.

Gigabit Ethernet (GbE)

  • Features Realtek RTL8111 PCIe x1 to GbE controller.
  • Supports 10, 100, and 1000 Mbit speeds.
  • Includes an M12 X-code connector (IP67) for robust connections.

Versatile Power Options

  • DC Power Out: 12V 8A.
  • DC Power In: Accepts 12V (8A) to 48V (2A).
  • Equipped with M12 (Wuerth 643270100304) with TVS transient overvoltage protection (>52V).

Enhanced GPIO Capabilities

  • M8 connectors with multiple input/output options and optocoupler isolation.

Robust and Adaptable

  • Standard casing provides IP54 protection, with higher protection available via custom casing upon request.

Compatible with all Auvidea carrier boards, featuring the 22-pin FPC PCIe x1 connector on the bottom side.

Power your high-demand systems efficiently and reliably with our state-of-the-art Power over Ethernet Add-On Module. Ensure that all your peripherals including SSDs and cameras are adequately powered and protected.

Shop: P18 PoE++ with GbE controller and GPIOs

New Product Release: P17P Power over Ethernet Add-On Module (Power Input)

We are excited to introduce our new Power over Ethernet (PoE) Add-On Module. This module is designed to enhance Auvidea carrier boards such as the JNX42P by providing power via the Ethernet connection. It delivers up to 72W of peak power, making it perfect for high-power Orin NX systems. Note that you’ll need to account for peak power draw and the power requirements of peripherals like SSDs and cameras. Below are the standout features of this innovative module:

Key Features

PoE++: 802.3bt Type 4

  • Supports high-power applications with a robust PoE++ standard.
  • Isolated PoE++ Module
  • Advanced Power Measurement
    • 3 channel current and voltage measurement with INA3221 for precise monitoring.
  • Versatile DC Power Input
    • Accepts 12V nominal (19V max).
    • Includes reverse voltage protection using a highly efficient MOSFET.
    • Overvoltage protection with SMCJ18A TVS Diode, cutting transients above 20V.
  • Enhanced Control and Status Monitoring
    • GPIO port extender (8-bit) for comprehensive PoE control and status.
  • Utilizes Murata MYBSP01206AZFT for 12V 6A (72W) power delivery.

Empower your high-power systems with reliable PoE++ input using our Power over Ethernet Add-On Module. Ensure seamless operation and adequate power for all your peripherals.

Shop: P17P isolated PoE++ module

New Product Release: P14 PoE+ PSE Power Module (Power Output)

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product line: the P14 PoE+ PSE Power Module. Designed as an add-on for specific Auvidea carrier boards like the JNX30M and JNX42, this module seamlessly delivers Power over Ethernet (PoE) to network cameras and other devices. Below are the key features that make the P14 an essential component for your PoE needs:

Key Features

  • PoE+ Power Control
    • Manage PoE connection, check power draw, enable/disable power.
  • Advanced PoE Control
    • Integrated TPS23861 for control and status via I2C.
  • 48V Pushup Power Supply (24W)
    • Boosts 12V or 24V input to 48V.
    • Optional increase of PoE voltage from 48V to 57V.
    • Software control of pushup power supply enable via GPIO pin 127 (0 = power on).
  • Robust DC Power Input
    • Accepts 12V – 24V nominal (9V – 30V max).
    • Includes power protection features: reverse voltage, under and overvoltage (TPS2493PWR).
  • Convenient DC Power Output
    • Delivers 12V 5A to carrier board.
  • Compact and Compatible
    • Compatible with JNX30M and JNX42 carrier boards.
    • Comes in a compact size of 34mm x 66mm (LxW).
  • Model
    • 38624

Integrating PoE into 12V and 24V systems has never been easier with the P14 PoE+ PSE Power Module. Simplify your setup and ensure a stable power supply for your network cameras today.

Shop: P14 isolated PoE PSE module

Upgrade Your Auvidea Carrier Boards with PoE

Introducing the Power Over Ethernet (PoE) add-on module for Auvidea carrier boards like the JNX30M and JNX42. This module powers devices via Ethernet, delivering up to 25.5W—ideal for mid-range Jetson systems such as the Orin Nano.

Key Features

Seamless Compatibility:

  • Works effortlessly with Auvidea’s JNX30M and JNX42 carrier boards.

Optimal Power Delivery:

  • Supports PoE 802.3at Type 2 (PoE+) with up to 25.5W peak power.
  • For high-power needs, PoE++ modules offering 72W are available.

Reliability and Control:

  • Reverse voltage and transient over voltage protection ensure system stability.
  • Common mode filter reduces noise.

Shop: P12 isolated PoE+ module

Heatsink with fan Orin Nano; NX (4)

Introducing Our New Line of High-Performance Heatsinks

Auvidea is excited to announce the development of a new line of high-performance heat sinks designed for the NVIDIA Jetson series, including TX2, Nano, Xavier NX, and AGX Xavier. Our products include both fan-assisted and fanless options to meet diverse cooling needs.

Featured here is our heat sink with an integrated fan, offering exceptional cooling performance for your high-demand applications.

The AGX Xavier necessitates a thermally enhanced enclosure capable of dissipating 30 watts of heat. Our new enclosure is designed with enlarged fins, reducing thermal resistance to an impressive 0.9K/W. This innovation results in a surface temperature of approximately 47°C, even at an ambient temperature of 20°C, when the Xavier is operating at full power (30W).

Introducing the B112: Compact HDMI 2.0 to CSI-2 Bridge

The B112 is a sleek and powerful HDMI 2.0 to CSI-2 bridge, utilizing 4 CSI-2 lanes at up to 2 GHz. It features an HDMI 2.0 input (600 MHz and 6 Gbit/s) and supports up to 4Kp30 at 10-bit color (4:2:2) and 4Kp60 at 8-bit color (4:2:0). Built on the robust Lontium LT6911UXC platform, the B112 maintains the same compact physical dimensions as the B102 (27mm x 42mm) while providing enhanced support for HDMI 2.0 and 4K modes.