This section is being added to summarise the projects and products which are currently in development at Auvidea.

Heatsinks for Jetson compute modules

heatsink for TX2

Auvidea is currently developing a line of high performance heatsinks (with and without fan) for TX2, Nano, Xavier NX and AGX Xavier. Here a pin type heatsink with fan is shown which features a high cooling performance.


Thermally enhanced passively cooled enclosures

passively cooled aluminum case

The AGX Xavier requires a thermally enhanced enclosure which is capable of dissipating 30 watts. This new enclosure features enlarged fins to reduce the thermal resistance to 0.9K/W. This yields a surface temperature of approx. 47°C (at 20°C ambient) with a Xavier operating at full power (30W). Size: 170x50x154mm.


B112 4kp60 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge

B112 4k HDMI to CSI-2 bridge

The B112 is a compact HDMI 2.0 to CSI-2 bridge (4 CSI-2 lanes @ up to 2 GHz). It features a HDMI 2.0 input (600 MHz and 6 Gbit/s) for 4kp30 @ 10 bit color (4:2:2) and 4kp60 at 8 bit color (4:2:0). It is based on the Lontium LT6911UXC. It has the same physical size as the B102 (27 x 42 mm) but supports HDMI 2.0 and 4k modes.


38288 Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier board


The 38288 is a new carrier board which has been optimised for the Jetson TX2 compute module. It features GbE, 3x USB 3.0, 3x M.2 3042 LTE, 1x M.2 2242/2260/2280 SATA, GPIOs. Size: 127x127mm.


J92 Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier board


The J92 is a modified version of the J90. It features a special USB 3.0 connector for the Intel RealSense SR300 camera module. CAN: 1x SPI CAN controller (MCP2515 for TX1 and TX2) and 1x TX2 native. 22 pin FPC connector for GPIO, 2nd CAN, RS485. Size: 50x87mm.


J210 Jetson TX1/TX2 carrier board


The J210 is the base board for the new Jetson TX1/TX2 industrial PC. It will be packaged in a passively cooled Aluminium case. Interfaces: 1x GbE with POE-PD supply option (up to 51 watts), 1x GbE (USB 3 or PCIe based) with PoE-PSE option (up to 13/26 watts – to power network cameras), 2x USB 3.0, 1x USB 2.0, isolated CAN and RS-232, 2x 100 pin extension connectors for CSI-2, display port, SATA, PCIe. Size: 147.5×104.6mm (bare board), 135x150x50mm (Aluminum case). Power in: PoE (optional) or 12V.


V104 HD video processor with 2nd video output


The V104 is the extended version of the V100. It adds an HDMI splitter output, so that input 1 is processed by the V104 and also put out in its original format. Input 2 may connect to a camera and input 1 a notebook. Output 1 connects to the projector while output 2 feeds an HD video recorder (R100) to record rich media presentations. Size: 104.6×79.3mm (PCB).


Autoquad AQX flight controller


AQX is the latest addition to the Autoquad family of flight controllers. The AQX is ideal for CAN centric applications where precise digital control of the motor controllers (ESCs) is required. Key features: 2x CAN, 12x PWM, 2x Spektrum/S-BUS 2, I2C, on-board GPS receiver (Ublox NEO-M8N), telemetry (in/out), SD card, STM32F427 MCU, size: 50x50mm. Power in: 7 to 30V.

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V2X (vehicle to anything) USB transceiver


It is based on the Ublox VERA-P174 (automotive grade 802.11p V2X transceiver modules for infrastructure and vehicles). Compliance with WAVE and ETSI ITS G5 for US and Europe operation.
Communication range of more than 1 km (with line‑of‑sight).
38266: 28x49mm with 2 U.FL connectors.
38285: 28×52.5mm (PCB size) with 2 SMA.
38267: USB 2.0 carrier module for 38266/38285.

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ESC32 CAN motor controller


The ESC32 motor controller is designed for CAN centric applications. Main control via the CAN bus interface. Secondary (backup) control via PWM for use with redundant flight controllers. Powerful 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 MCU: STM32F303. Size: 34×34.6mm (with M2 mounting tabs).

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ESC32-XS tiny CAN motor controller


The ESC32-XS is the tiny version of the ESC32. Dual interface: CAN and PWM. It features the same powerful 32 bit ARM Cortex M4 MCU: STM32F303. Size: 14.9×34.6mm (with M2 mounting tabs).


360° camera adapter for 6 cameras


This adapter boards simplifies the design of 360° camera systems with 6 cameras (TCM8647MD). Single cable connection with 6 CSI-2 busses (2 lanes each) to the J94 carrier board. Size: 42x45mm.


R100 carrier board for the Raspberry CM3


The R100 is a compact carrier board for the Raspberry Pi CM3 compute module (SO-DIMM size with quad core ARM processor). A B101 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge is integrated. Powered with 5V by USB type B.


R110 carrier board for the Raspberry CM3 (SIM bonding)


The R110 is based on the R100 and it adds 4 M.2 3042 LTE modules for SIM bonding applications. Powered by 12V DC (5.5/2.5 jack). size: 79.6×118.3mm.

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