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P18 PoE++ with GbE controller and GPIOs

Power over Ethernet (power input)

Add-on module for all Auvidea carrier Boards with a 22 pin FPC PCIe X1 connector on the bottom side. Adds powering via the Ethernet connection and enables the use of a M12 X-Code connector. 72W peak power is intended for the use with high power systems like the Orin NX. Please reserve a certain margin, to allow peak power draw by the Jetson. Also please account for the power requirements of peripherals like SSD, cameras and more. The standard casing provides an IP code (Ingress protection code) of 54, higher protection is possible with a custom casing. Please contact us for details.

  • PoE PD: power input to power the system from the network connection
  • PoE++: 802.3bt Type 4 (72W)
  • GbE (Gigabit Ethernet)
    • Realtek RTL8111 PCIe x1 to GbE controller
    • 10, 100 and 1000 Mbit
    • M12 X-code connector (IP67)
  • M8 with 2 inputs (GPIOs):
    • DC power out: 12V 8A
    • DC power in: 12V (8A) to 48V (2A)
      • M12 (Wuerth 643270100304)
      • with TVS transient over voltage protection (>52V)
    • M8 with 2 inputs (GPIOs):
      • Connect input and ground
      • Apply positive voltage to input
    • M8 with 2 outputs (GPIOs):
      • Isolated with optocoupler (24V max)
      • 50mA max
  • Supports all Auvidea carrier boards which feature the 22 pin FPC PCIe x1 connector on the bottom side
  • Size: 36mm x 104.6mm (LxW)

Status: In design. First prototypes will be available in July 2024. Please contact our sales team.

Delivery Time: not specified
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