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P17P isolated PoE++ module

Power over Ethernet add-on module (power input)

Add-on module for Auvidea carrier boards (JNX42P) to add powering via the Ethernet connection. 72W peak power is sufficient for high power Orin NX systems. Please reserve a certain margin, to allow peak power draw by the Jetson. Also please account for the power requirements of peripherals like SSD, cameras and more.

  • PoE++: 802.3bt Type 4
  • Isolated PoE++ module: Murata MYBSP01206AZFT (12V 6A, 72W)
  • 3 channel current and voltage measurement with INA3221
  • Very power efficient: ideal diode in PoE power path
  • DC power in: 12V nominal (19V max)
    • reverse voltage protection: highly efficient with MOSFET
    • overvoltage protection: SMCJ18A TVS Diode (cuts transients >20V)
  • GPIO port extender (8 bit): PoE control and status
  • Compatible with the JNX42P
  • Size: 44.5mm x 66mm (LxW)
  • Model: 38654

Status: Prototypes are available for custom projects. Please contact our sales team.

Delivery Time: ca. 48 hours
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