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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Auvidea’s Diverse and Robust Embedded Solutions

Versatile and Reliable Design

Auvidea’s carrier and add-on boards can perform a broad range of functions, applicable at the system level. These boards are combined with NVIDIA modules, SSDs, and cooling kits, seamlessly integrated into Auvidea’s self-developed passively cooled aluminum enclosures. Distinguished by an industrial-strength design, Auvidea’s embedded systems are known for their reliability.

Cost Efficiency and Customization

Beyond high reliability and low failure rates, Auvidea’s systems are cost-efficient. The company offers both low-cost versions and units intended for processing sophisticated algorithms with numerous AI models. With a given order quantity, customized systems can be developed. Customization options include interface adjustments, general design modifications, front plate design, and creating water- or dust-proof enclosures. These built-to-order systems are produced in-house in Germany.

Industrial Applications and Self-Recovery

Auvidea’s embedded systems are generally designed for industrial purposes, such as traffic surveillance and security, and are used as part of edge systems. For applications typically installed far from the user, Auvidea has developed a self-recovery system featuring a secondary boot SSD. In the event of a boot failure, the system can repair itself remotely by switching the boot device, ensuring continuous operation.