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Carrier Boards

Carrier Boards

Carrier boards, Auvidea’s flagship product, are designed mainly for the Jetson compute modules of NVIDIA, whose Elite Partner Auvidea has been since the very beginning – the release of the TX1. With such elements as CPU, GPU, PMIC and DRAM combined with the flash storage, the modules show high performance and power efficiency and can be summed up as Systems-on-Modules (SOM).

The crucial task of Auvidea’s carrier boards is to provide communication and functionality to the environment they are applied in. Easily integrable into autonomous data processing machines and reliable, Auvidea’s boards are also applicable to remote systems with a self-recovery function: the system is reset automatically in case of no booting so that it works continually, no data is missing and no technicians are necessary at the place of installation.

As far as the functionality is concerned, Auvidea offers a vast range of interfaces to be implemented, such as HDMI, USB, power connectors, LTE, UART, M.2 Key, CAN, PCIe, SD card, LM823, CSI-2, Fakra, PoE, EEPROM, GPS/GNSS, etc. Auvidea’s core competence is to find or develop solutions tailored to the individual customer so that the interface proposed perfectly meets the technical needs at a competitive price. Transforming requirements into specific developments, we make them reality.

Auvidea’s carrier boards are distinguished by reliability, cost effectiveness and low failure rate. For an enhanced longevity of the boards, we use ceramic and tantalum capacitors instead of the electrolytic ones. If needed, low-cost versions of Auvidea’s boards can be produced as well.

It is particularly noteworthy that Auvidea’s carrier boards are designed and produced in-house in Germany with a high-tech SMT automatic placement machine with 3D AOI, which enables a very effective production – 1 board can be manufactured in 24 seconds. Owing to this modern production line, Auvidea is flexible in creating small to large quantities of standard as well as customised carrier boards. If you are looking for a suitable key to the AI world, Auvide’a carrier boards will be an excellent solution to open the door.