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E10 compact encoder (LVDS)

E10 compact H.264 encoder module
The E10 compact H.264 encoder module features an LVDS HD video input mainly for block camera modules of various manufacturers. Mechanically this input is a KEL USL00-30L-C connector for 30 pin micro coax cables.




E10 – H.264 compact encoder module
The E10 compact encoder module on the photo on the left is mounted on the back of a Panasonic block camera. First the 38138 mounting plate is attached to the back of the camera with two M2 screws. Next the E10 (38117-2) compact encoder module is mounted to the mounting plate (4x M2.5×5). Last the 38136 multi I/O module is plugged in on top. It features the 10/100 Ethernet connector, a pin header for 3 servos and an optional USB port.
The RJ45 connector may be left off to further reduce the weight. Now a “custom” Ethernet cable with 4 flexible wires may be directly soldered to the 38136 module. This is ideal for Gimbal applications.


E10 encoder module with Panasonic GP-MH330 block camera
The E10 compact encoder module converts various block cameras into a fully featured IP camera. It has the same form factor as the block camera, so can be mounted on the back of the camera. Here the interface board 38118 is shown. It features an HD-SDI video output (upright BNC connector), an optional Carambola 2 module (not populated) and 10/100 Ethernet with optional power over Ethernet (PoE).


Technical details

  • H.264 video encoder
  • RTSP live stream
  • recording .mp4 file to USB device of SD card
  • 10/100 Ethernet to connect to IP network (live stream and control)
  • SDI out (BNC)
  • 30 pin LVDS interface to the camera
  • control of camera via HTTP request API (locally converted to RS232)
  • optional: HDMI out, DVI out, PoE, USB 2.0, WiFi
  • optional: transmuxing to other streaming protocols with WiFi option (Carambola 2 module)

Audio and video encoding

  • H.264 codec up to level 4.1 (baseline, main, and high profiles)
  • video encoding up to 720p50/60, 1080i50/60 or 1080p24/25/30
  • max. pixel clock: 74.25MHz
  • streaming: RTSP stream (128 to 20000 kbit/s)
  • live change of bandwidth, GOP size and resolution while streaming
  • power: 7 – 17V, 3.5W – power is connected via an add-on board, which is required (please see the list below)
  • size: 49 x 59 mm
  • mounting: four 2.6mm mounting holes for M2.5 screws – extra 7mm mounting hole
  • weight: 17 gr (just the encoding module)

Add-on module

The E10 encoding module requires an non-optional add-on module to connect to power and network.

  • 38136 Multi-IO add-on module: to connect to power, Ethernet and servos
  • 38139 Carambola 2 add-on module: openWRT based Wifi router, power, optional Ethernet


  • Linux based
  • control via integrated web interface
  • HTTP request based API (low latency: 100ms typical)
  • RTSP video streaming (low latency with selected players)
  • full access to system, video and encoding parameters


  • E10-12
    standard model – the E10 module is powered by 7V to 17V (12 typical). This voltage is directly supplied to the camera connected via the 30 pin micro coax cable.
  • E10-5
    5V model – the E12 produces a regulated 5V for the camera, independent of the voltage which is supplied to the E10-5 (7V to 17V).

Cameras tested

Please note, that the E10 encoder does not support 1080p50 and 1080p60 modes as these have a pixel clock of 148.5MHz. The E10 only supports the 74.25MHz modes which are listed above. The camera models below have been explicitly tested. However the E10 should work with any block camera which has the 30 pin micro coax (LVDS) cable connector (KEL). Please make sure, that you use the right cable. All cameras below require the same cable. It is the “1 to N” kind. If you put this cable flat on a surface with all cable in parallel, the golden contacts of both connectors should face upwards. Pin 1 is connected to pin 30. Do not use a cable, where the contacts one side face up and one side face down.

  • Panasonic GP-MH330-2S (E10-12): standard size block camera with 30x zoom
  • Sony FCB-SE600 (E10-5): compact size with 3x zoom with 90° wide angle
  • Sony FCB-EV7300 (E10-12): standard size block camera
  • Tamron MP1010M-VC (E10-12): compact size with 10x zoom and optical stabilization


Only a limited number of rev 2 (38117-2) boards were shipped. With rev 3 (38117-3) the KEL connector on the E10 was rotated, so that the standard micro coax as specified above may be used. Rev 2 requires “1 to 1” cables, where the contacts are on opposite sides. Rev 3 is now available in 2 versions for 5V and 12V block cameras.

  • E10 rev 3 (38117-3) in production and shipping now

rcgroups.com posting

This encoder is being integrated in a drone or UAV. This project is described in detail in a how to on rcgroups.com.