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W100 wifi add-on module (for E1xx)


W100 – wifi add-on module
The wifi add-on module adds networking functions, wireless networking, transmuxing and custom software functions to the E110. It features a second USB port, 2 Ethernet ports (one is internally connected to the E110), an U.FL wireless LAN connector (2.4 GHz WLAN), and a micro SD card connector to extend the local Flash storage.


Wifi add-on module
The W100 add-on module may be mounted directly on top of the E110. A small adapter board converts the 40 pin expansion connector of the E110 into an 16 pin FPC connector. An FPC cable connects to the W100. This allows to mount the W110 in a distance to the E110 which just depends on the length of the metal spacers. Here the length of the spacers is 9.5mm (M2.5).