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V100 HD Video Processor


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V100 HD Video Processor
This video processor combines two input sources plus graphic overlay into a single output. Each input features cropping, scaling deinterlacing and frame rate conversion. Flexible configurations are possible such as full screen video input switching, slide by side (3D view), picture in picture (PiP), picture over picture (PoP) and more. Please contact us for a demo video.

It is an ideal front end to the E1xx encoders or the Raspberry Pi with B101 HDMI to CSI-2 bridge, as it overcomes key limitations of these encoders:

  • any video input may be converted to the resolution supported by the encoder (Exxx: max. 1080p30, RPi/B101: 1080p25
  • HD video may be deinterlaced
  • video sources may be disconnected or changed while recording or streaming – output is always active
  • 1080p60 support


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Flexible video composition and mixing

On top are the 2 video inputs and the full screen graphic overlay image (1920×1080). All three elements may be freely placed. The video windows may be cropped, scaled with separate horizontal and vertical scaling factors (downscaling and upscaling) and de-interlaced. The video windows may overlap and may be swapped. Automatic scaling is supported to fit video sources with varying resolution into a video output window. So notebooks with varying output modes may freely be connected in presentation recording applications.

Automatic scaling with 3 modes

  • fill: completely fill the output window (separate x and Y scaling – no borders)
  • fit: size the video so it completely fills the window (by keeping the aspect ratio – possibly adds black borders)
  • zoom: size the video so it completely fills the window (by keeping the aspect ratio – crops part of the video)
  • support for non-rectangular (free form) video windows


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Irregular video window shapes

The sample on the left shows that the V100 supports free form video window shapes.


Key features

  • HDMI video out is always active – video resolution is programable
  • tHDMI video out will keep its format, even if the camera (notebook) resolution changes
  • down conversion of 1080p60 to 1080p30
  • 2 HDMI video inputs (up to 1080p60 each)
  • deinterlacing, cropping and scaling of each HDMI input
  • flexible video positioning in 2 video windows for the output (like 3D view, PIP, PnP, etc)
  • 256 color graphic video overlay for logos etc
  • size: same size and mounting hole pattern as E1xx – so they could be stacked
  • on board micro controller
  • custom preset configurations selectable via DIP switches
  • UART config interface (in future: possibly config via web interface)
  • target list price: €499 net


Technical details

  • model: 38189-3
  • 3.5 mm UART jack to connect serial console to host PC
  • size: 79.6 x 79.3 mm
  • power: 7 to 17V



  • September 2016: first prototypes for beta customers
  • November 2016: first rev 3 modules shipping