Auvideus 1000

Auvideus is an innovative system with AI driven embedded text to speech technology. It converts written text into spoken words. Just connect it to a public announcement system or speakers. The announcement and messages will be clear and concise. With our cloud free TTS feature you can enjoy seamless operation without an Internet connection. Auvideus 1000 has been implemented according to the two-tier client-server architecture and is easy to use via a web browser. It is not cloud based. You do not have any service fee. So Auvideus can be used locally via (wireless) local-area network or is also accessible via internet.

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CharacteristicsAuvideus 1000
Compute moduleOrin Nano 8GB
Power optionsPower over Ethernet (PoE+ (25W) or
AC adapter (12V DC)
Speaker2 to 8 Ohm (10W)
Speaker plug4 pin Harting connector
Line out3.5mm stereo jack
Microphone2 MEMs mics integrated
Size159mm x 67mm x 38mm


  • train stations
  • authorities
  • hospitals
  • medical offices
  • factories
  • supermarkets

Very easy to use:

  • open the embedded webpage
  • choose the language
  • enter the text into the text box
  • press the play button
  • done => the audio is played on the speaker

Auvideus 1000 – the new TTS (text to speech) system by Auvidea