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JNX43 carrier board for NVIDIA® Jetson Orin Nano™, Orin NX™

The JNX43 is a compact carrier board for the Jetson Orin Nano, Orin NX. This carrier board is ideal for cameras and network video recorders (NVR). It has integrated system management features for remote cold reboot and boot order changes.

It has also 2x CSI-2 with 4 lanes each.
– 3x USB 3.2 with 10 Gigabit.
– 2x Gigabit Ethernet (1x PoE optional)

The base JNX43 supports only 12V. But the power module (38515) converts the input voltage of 12 to 48V to the output voltage of 12V.

Also available with Jetson compute module (good inventory level). Send a request to [email protected].

Product Brief 3D model (STEP)

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JNX43-M.2 carrier board only, JNX43-M.2 embedded system