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ES-JNX42 Orin Nano™ or Orin NX™ embedded system

ES-JNX42 includes the JNX42 compact carrier board for the Orin Nano or Orin NX. It is designed for embedded systems.
It has CAN, PCIe x1 and also 2x CSI-2 with 4 lanes each.
– 2x USB 2.0 type A
– 1x micro USB for flashing
– 1x USB 2.0 for the M.2 key B LTE slot
If you use the compute module NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX than you have 3x USB 3.0 type A.

One of our new developments is the M.2 Key B LTE module JNX42 with two LTE SIM slots.

A special feature is the PoE PD function. This means that the JNX42 can be powered over ethernet.
The base JNX42 supports only 12V. But the power module (P10) converts the input voltage of 12 to 48V to the output voltage of 12V.

Please note: We also offer custom solutions. If you need an embedded system with PoE function (P12 or P14) or with power module (P10) please contact the sales team: [email protected]

The power supply is not included and can be ordered separately. We recommend the PS1236.

SW Setup Guide technical reference manual

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ES-JNX42-LC-ONano4-128, ES-JNX42-LC-OrinNX8-128GB, ES-JNX42-LC- OrinNX16-128GB, ES-JNX42-LM-ONano4-128GB, ES-JNX42-LM-OrinNX8-128GB, ES-JNX42-LM-OrinNX16-128GB, ES-JNX42-M2-ONano4-128GB, ES-JNX42-M2-OrinNX8-128GB, ES-JNX42-M2-OrinNX16-128GB