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CF100 16MP Camera

The CF100 is a revolutionary camera designed for AI systems. The unique feature of the CF100 camera is the integration of a lens with motorised focus – all this is a very compact and lightweight form factor. This makes the camera ideal for mounting on the head of a robotic arm. Also the camera is well suited for high temperature applications as the plastic enclosure withstands temperatures above 200°C.

Product Brief

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The Auvidea CF100 camera is a compact camera with motorised focus. It is based on the imx519 sensor by Sony with a 16 MPixel color camera (4 Gbit/s coax). It uses the high-speed digital video interface called FPD-Link III (automotive) or V3Link (industrial). The camera will be connected with a Fakra cable to the embedded host system. It enables a cable length of up to 15 m and has virtually zero latency. The enclosure is made of very durable plastic material. It is heat resistant to at least 200 °C. The cover plate will be made out of aluminum in the future. For details please refer to the product brief.

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