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Framos camera adapter

Tiny adapter to interface Framos CSI-2 camera modules with Auvidea carrier boards (with voltage and interface conversion)

product brief Framos Driver Auvidea device tree 3D model (STEP)

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This tiny adapter allows to connect the Framos CSI-2 camera modules to any Auvidea carrier board with CSI-2 connector. It boosts the supply voltage to the camera module and converts the I2C bus voltage, to connect the 38512 to the Auvidea carrier board. A 1:N 22 pin 0.5mm FFC cable is required.

Model: 38512
Power in: 3.3V
I2C level in: 3.3V
Power out: 3.8V
I2C level out: 1.8V
CSI-2 lanes: 4
CSI-2 cabling: 1:N 22 pin 0.5mm pitch (contacts on same side – contacts down)
Size: 10mmx17mm
Stacking height: 2.5mm
Connector: DF40C (60 pin: DF40HC(2.5)-60DS-0.4V)

Tested with Jetson TX2 NX (Jetpack 4.6.1):
imx335: FSM-IMX335M-000-v1a (plus FSA-FT3/A-v1a) with 2 CSI-2 lanes
imx412: FSM-IMX412C-01S-v1b (plus FSA-FT1/A-v1a) with 2 CSI-2 lanes
imx415: FSM-IMX415C-000-v1a (plus FSA-FT11/A-v1a) with 2 CSI-2 lanes

Software installation:
1. first install Jetpack 4.6.1
2. install Framos driver (download)
3. flash Auvidea device tree (download)

The 38512 adapter is designed for prototyping applications to easily connect any Framos CSI-2 camera to any Auvidea carrier board. For more cost effective production rollouts a different solution is proposed. Most Auvidea carrier boards can be custom configured for 5V supply on the CSI-2 ports and 1.8V I2C level. With this configuration a simple passive adapter can be used. A development of such an adapter is planned.