JN30B carrier board for Jetson Nano Production Module rev. 5 (PoE PSE)

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This new JN30B carrier board turns the Jetson Nano compute module into a superminicomputer. The JN30B supports easy automatic flashing (just connect the USB OTG cable) and high-performance storage (M.2 NVME PCIe x4).
This is revision 5 of the board, which has PoE PSE.

This carrier board supports only the Jetson Nano production version!
For a complete setup, you will also need:
Cable kit
– Jetson Nano compute module
– Cooling Kit for the Jetson Nano
Jetson Nano flashing service (optional)

More technical details are shown below.

datasheet technical reference manual 3D model (STEP)

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Technical details of the JN30:

Carrier Nano dev kit JN30-LC JN30
CPU module Nvidia Jetson Nano Nvidia Jetson Nano (SD/eMMC) Nvidia Jetson Nano (SD/eMMC)
display 1 HDMI HDMI HDMI
display2 Display Port Display Port
CSI-2 1 for lane 2 four lane 2 four lane and 2 two lane
USB 3.0 4 (shared via USB 3.0 hub) 1 1
USB 2.0 1 (4 with optional USB module) 1 (4 with optional USB module)
micro USB manual flashing automatic flashing automatic flashing
network GbE GbE GbE with PoE PSE (15 watts)
M.2 storage M.2 MVME PCIe x4 22602280
eMMC storage extra eMMC (optional) extra eMMC (optional)
IMU MPU 9250 9 axis sensor
aluminium case passively cooled optional passively cooled optional
supercap option for graceful power down
GPIOs 40 pin header SPI, I2C, GPIO and switches
fan 4 pin fan header 4 pin picoblade (for TX1/TX2 fan) 4 pin picoblade (for TX1/TX2 fan)
power 5V 2A 12V 1A 12V to 48V
size 79mm x 100mm 80mm x 104,6mm 80mm x 104,6mm
components on both sides on top side only (flat-bottom) on both sides
price (1pc) €99 (plus VAT) €179 (plus VAT)
price (100 pcs) €79 (plus VAT) €149 (plus VAT)
Production April 2019 April 2019


Add on modules Features
U110 (38363) 4x USB 2.0 to 100bT Ethernet with 26W PoE PSE
4x Ethernet ports
3 connector options: RJ45, IX or JST-GH)
U100 (38372) 2x M2 (LTE and WIFI) and 2x USB 2.0 JST-GH
U120 (38385) 4x USB 2.0 type A
38391 dev kit camera module and 2x GbE (i210 – JST-GH)
38392 dev kit camera module, 1x GbE (i210 – JST-GH) and mini UPS controller (supercaps)
  • the bottom 2x 2-lane CSI-2 lane connectors are currently not populated on the carrier board
  • special configuration possible with a minimum purchase of
    25 pcs (display port, M.2, PoE, 48V power in, supercap option, 2 RPi camera module connectors, SPI, I2C, switches, etc.)

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