U110 Quad USB 2.0 to 100bT Ethernet (PoE+)

Quad 100bT Ethernet (100 Mbit) Model: 38363 modules with integrated USB hub and 4 USB network controllers. PoE+ to power network cameras. Up to 26W on each port.
3 versions with the following network connectors:

  • RJ45 (with 2 LEDs each)
  • IX industrial
  • JST-GH
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These modules integrate one quad USB 2.0 hub and four USB 2.0 to Ethernet controllers (AX88772CLF). So there are 4 full featured Ethernet controllers and 4 “eth” devices are created each with its unique network settings like IP address, subnet mask and MAC address. This allows for best network protection when connecting to IP network cameras. Typically a 100Mbit connection is more than sufficient for H.264 or H.265 cameras. This adapter is not suited for GigE cameras which require a GbE link as they have no compression. These modules are connected to a carrier board with a 4 pin USB 2.0 JST-GH cable (JN30, J220 or X220) and a 8 pin JST-GH power cable (12V and 48V). 12V is optional and 48V is only required for PoE. If PoE is not required than the modules may just be powered of 5V from the USB connection.

Each port supports PoE+ (PSE: power sourcing equipment) at up to 26W. This requires a DC power in of 48V which may be supplied by the JN30 rev 6 (or better) carrier board. The PoE power controller chip (TPS23861PWR) may be controlled via I2C. This allows to modify the default settings and to manually power on and off individual ports.

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Socket type

RJ45, IX industrial, JST-GH