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Embedded World show 2023

Auvidea products can be found at the following partners:

Arrow (hall 3a, booth 135):
– AGX Orin embedded system with 3 CF100 cameras
– Orin NX embedded system with integrated touchscreen and camera

Arrow, an Auvidea distributor

Silicon Highway (hall 2, booth 634):
JNX45 and other carrier boards
– Rebotnix text to speech demo (edge technology)


AI systems based on Jetson Orin

Auvidea introduces a family of embedded systems with multiple coax camera interfaces (FPD-Link III or V3Link) for AI applications ranging from entry level systems (starting at €500 with Orin Nano) to high end systems (starting at €2,500.00 with AGX Orin).

NVIDIA Elite Partner


World’s first: CF100 16MP camera with remote focus and FPD-Link

Auvidea proudly announces a revolutionary camera for AI systems. The new camera will be demonstrated live at the Arrow booth above. The unique feature of the CF100 camera is the integration of a lens with motorised focus – all this is a very compact and lightweight form factor. This makes the camera ideal for mounting on the head of a robotic arm.
Shop CF100

Entry level AI system

The L10 is a very compact, low power and low cost system based on the entry level compute modules from NVIDIA. This is the Jetson Orin Nano today. It supports basic AI processing for people counting or face pixelation with 1 or 2 cameras.
Shop L10


Mid range AI system

The L20 is a mid range system for the NVIDIA compute modules. Today it supports the Orin Nano and Orin NX. It supports advanced AI processing for people counting and face pixelation with 1 to 4 cameras.
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High level AI system

The L30 is a high end system for the NVIDIA compute modules. It supports the AGX Orin. It supports sophisticated AI processing with 1 to 8 cameras.
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Lead time

The systems above are all based on the new NVIDIA Orin compute modules. The AGX Orin 32GB and Orin NX 16GB are already available but the other Orin family members will become available towards Q2 of 2023. So the systems above have a certain lead time. For immediate demand Auvidea can provide build-to-order system with a short lead time. These are based on the Nano, TX2 NX, Xavier NX or AGX Orin. Also with the AGX Xavier is available on special request.