L20 Orin NX™ embedded system

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The L20 is a mid range embedded system for FPD-Link III/V3Link cameras. It is based on the NVIDIA Jetson Orin NX 8GB or Orin NX16GB. It supports advanced AI processing for people counting and face pixelation with 1 to 4 cameras.

I will start shipping, when NVIDIA starts shipping the Orin NX. For better availability please select the build-to-order system ES-JNX30-3F, which is based on the Jetson Xavier NX. It will become available as beta sample at the end of November 2022.

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Auvidea L20 Orin NX embedded system

This embedded system is based on the JNX42 carrier board and 38557 Fakra interface board. It features 4 Fakra camera connectors for the FPD-Link III/V3Link cameras, GbE, HDMI and USB3.1.

This is a fully integrated embedded systeme in a black passively cooled aluminum enclsure (125mmx98mmx39mm). With a small NRE charge the front plate may be customised.

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L20 Orin NX8, L20 Orin NX16

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