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Shipping & Delivery (original)

Liability note: The following model for shipping fees has been compiled by a lawyer (http://rechtsanwalt-schwenke.de). It meets the legal requirements of a typical online shop, addressed to consumers. However, you should use the model only after careful revision and adaptation to your specific business model. In certain constellations clauses can be illegal. If in doubt, take legal advice.

Please note that shipping fees or at least calculation methods (e.g. by weight) should be stated for all countries to which you provide delivery.

If you only deliver to specific countries, you have to inform your customers about that. Furthermore you should select these countries in your WooCommerce settings as “allowed countries”. You should not use clauses such as “Shipping fees for other countries only on request”

Prices, Shipping Fees and Shipping Information

Stated prices on product pages include VAT and other price components.

We only deliver within Germany and Austria.

In addition to the stated prices we charge [6,90 Euro per order] for shipping within Germany and Austria. Shipping fees are again stated clearly in the shopping cart as well as on the order page.

When you choose cash on delivery, we charge an additional amount of [2,- Euro], that is payed directly to the carrier. [There will be no further taxes or charges.]

No shipping fees are charged for digital content (E-Books, Software, etc.).

[Note to trader: The following passage is necessary, if you want to state a shipping and handling fee. Otherwise you can delete this passage]

Shipping fee is [insert amount of shipping fee] Euro. Shipping fee includes legal VAT. Since VAT is calculated to the shipping fee depending on the purchased items, it can be reduced when items of lower value added tax rates are purchased (for example the purchase of books). That means that shipping fees can only be calculated finally in the course of the ordering process. They cannot increase, however, but only be reduced in your favor.