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X400 carrier board for NVIDIA AGX Xavier

The X400 (38441) is lightly larger as AGX Xavier compute module (90mm x 100mm). Components are just on the top side. SD Card reader and buttons are option on the bottom side.


12V Power input on PicoBlade connector
1x HDMI out, 2x micro USB 3.0, 2x GbE on PicoBlade connectors, 1x M.2 Key M NVME PCIe x4
USB 2.0, CAN0, FAN, UART3 and I2S/I2C are located arround the board on PicoBlade connectors

3D model (STEP)

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Adapter Feature
Dual USB 3.0 adapter Amphenol IP67 dual USB 3.0 adapter
USB 3.0 adapter Amphenol IP67 USB 3.0 adapter
Micro USB 2.0 Amphenol IP67 micro USB 2.0 adapter
USB 2.0 Amphenol IP67 USB 2.0 adapter
HDMI adapter Amphenol IP67 HDMI adapter
RJ45 adapter Amphenol IP67 RJ45 adapter (Ethernet)
RJ45 adapter (LTW) Amphenol LTW IP67 RJ45 adapter (Ethernet)
Add on modules Features
U110 (38363) 4x USB 2.0 to 100bT Ethernet with 26W PoE PSE
4x Ethernet ports
3 connector options: RJ45, IX or JST-GH)
U100 (38372) 2x M2 (LTE and WIFI) and 2x USB 2.0 JST-GH
U120 (38385) 4x USB 2.0 type A
38391 dev kit camera module and 2x GbE (i210 – JST-GH)
38392 dev kit camera module, 1x GbE (i210 – JST-GH) and mini UPS controller (supercaps)

Order code: 70420