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X221D carrier board for NVIDIA AGX Xavier

X221D Jetson AGX Xavier carrier board (38500)

These systems let you dive into AI with ease. They allow you to explore AI applications like people detection, face masking and more. The full suite of NVIDIA SDKs may be installed. At your choice these systems can be equipped with the entire family of NVIDIA compute modules in the AGX Xavier form factor.

The X221D features an industrial strength design and is commercially deployable in any volume.

Product Brief technical reference manual 3D model (STEP)

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The X221D carrier board only has components on the top side mounted. So it has a flat bottom, which eases the installation. Auvidea can create custom configurations with extra features by populating the USB 2.0 hub chip and components on the bottom side (e.g. micro SD/UFS card reader and extra peripheral interfaces).

The X221D carrier board features an PCIe x4 FPC extension connector to interface to the 38507 PCIe x4 slot adapter. This allows to plug in any PCIe x1 or x4 card like single or quad GbE or 10GbE adapters.