Nano/NX to TX2 adapter

The Nano/NX to TX2 adapter is an add on module for TX2 carrier boards. With this adapter board you can plug it on a TX2 carrier board and run a Jetson Nano or Xavier NX on it.

product brief Product video 3D model (STEP config 1 und 2)
3D model (STEP config 5)


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The Nano/NX to TX2 adapter is available in two different config modes:

Config 1: PCIe x1 and PCIe x4 (38443-3)
Config 2: PCIe x4 and USB 3.0 (38443-3)
Config 5: PCIe x1, PCIe x4 and USB 3.0 (38445-3)

You can plug in the Nano/NX to TX2 add on module easy onto TX2 carrier boards.

Here is a short video clip which may help you:

Additional information

Config Mode

Nano/NX to TX2 adapter (config 1/2), Nano/NX to TX2 adapter (config 5)