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R21 Industrial Pi Zero

Introducing the R21, an advanced industrial general-purpose
solution designed to enhance the capabilities of the Raspberry
Pi Zero. By seamlessly integrating the Pi Zero and its 40-pin GPIO
header onto the carrier board, the R21 provides a robust
foundation for expanded functionality.

Unlocking new possibilities, the R21 features a PCIe-based M.2
Key M slot, offering reliable and high-speed solid-state storage
to elevate the performance of the Pi Zero. Powering the R21 is a
breeze, thanks to compatibility with an 8-18V DC power supply
equipped with a barrel jack connector, or the optional Power
over Ethernet (PoE) PD.

The R21 redirects the Pi Zero’s USB ports, which should not be
used independently. These ports are linked to the board, serving
distinct functions. Additionally, specific pins from the 40-pin
header are allocated for proprietary functions. This rerouting is
achieved through solder contacts beneath the Pi Zero.
In this version the CSI port is not accessible as it is blocked by
the PoE module.

Product Brief 3D model (STEP)

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carrier board + module, embedded system