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JNX400 Quad Carrier Board for Xavier NX™ or Orin NX™ with 5 port GbE switch

The JNX400 is a quad carrier board for the Jetson Nano, TX2 NX or Xavier NX.
The key application are inferencing use cases in low energy data centers.
Any mix of compute modules is allowed. The master manages 3 slaves with control (console UART) over power up, reset and flashing (USB). The power supply is optional.

3D model (STEP)

If there is no stock, the lead time may vary. Please contact the sales team: [email protected]

 699,00 3.399,00

Plus 19% VAT
Only available on project request
Delivery Time: ca. 14 workdays


The key applications:
– H.264/H.265 transcoding
– processing of many compressed video feeds from network IP cameras
– inferencing applications in low energy data centers
– designed for 19″ rack integration and open rack systems
– desktop use: flashing station for Nano, TX2 NX and Xavier NX

Each compute module slot has a local NVME SSD with up to 2 TB. Optionally we integrate the Transcend TS2TMTE662T2 (2 TByte industrial grade NVME SSD).
The JNX400 integrates a 5 port GbE switch which connects to each of the 4 compute modules.
On top we have integrated four 5Gbit communication channels:
1. 2x horizontal: USB 3.0
2. 2x vertical: 2 lane DSI to CSI-2 (full duplex bi-directional)
On the JNX400 there is a little drawing between slave 1 and 3. Here the hardware is done – but the challenge now is to develop software (drivers) for it.

Limited rev 1 samples are available now.
A second use case for this board could be a flashing station for Nano, TX2 NX or Xavier NX. Here the master slot would be populated by a Nano.

Technical details of the JNX400:

model JNX400 carrier board
CPU module NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2 NX or Xavier NX
display 1x HDMI (master)
CSI-2/DSI internal communications channel between modules
USB 3.0 internal communications channel between modules
USB 2.0 1x: OTG mode (for flashing master) or host mode (requires device tree changes)
crypto chips 4x ATSHA204A-MAHCZ-T crypto chip for software protection and licensing
network 1x GbE (plus additional RJ45 for feed through)
M.2 storage 4x M.2 MVME PCIe x4 2260/2280 (each per slot)
I2C/CAN I2C (for OLED status display) or CAN (inter module communication) – default: I2C (CAN optional)
master/slave master supervises 3 slaves (console access and flashing via USB)
RGB LED connector with 3 PWM channels (open drain MOSFET output – 12V 100mA)
UART 4: master console and 3 slave user UARTs
GPIOs 3 with LED connector
fan 7x 4 pin picoblade FAN headers (with PWM control via I2C PWM controller)
power 12V to 24V power in (Wuerth 691325310002)
size 231mm x 104.6mm
components on top side only (flat-bottom)
production first prototypes available now

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JNX400 Carrier Board, JNX400 Carrier Board + 4x Xavier NX, JNX400 Carrier Board + 4x Xavier NX + 4x M.2 2TB NVME SSD