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JNX30M carrier board for NVIDIA® Jetson Nano™, TX2 NX™ or Xavier NX™

This carrier board is a brand new modular version of the JNX30-AI carrier board. With the modular version you can choose on your self if you want to have a power input of 12-48V, PoE-PD or PoE-PSE.

The base JNX42 supports only 12V. But the power module (38515) converts the input voltage of 12 to 48V to the output voltage of 12V.

JNX30M carrier board for NVIDIA Jetson Nano, TX2 NX and Xavier NX

These systems let you dive into AI with ease. They are configured to allow you to explore AI applications like people detection, face masking and more. The full suite of NVIDIA SDKs is installed. 3rd party applications demonstrate the full potential of the NVIDIA embedded edge solutions. At you choice these systems can be equipped with the entire family of NVIDIA compute modules with the SO-DIMM form factor.
The JNX30M features an industrial strength design and is commercially deployable in any volume.

  • requires Linux host PC and Internet connection to initially flash the system and install the software
  • flashed and configured to boot from SSD
  • 128 GB SSD includes: Linux, Jetpack 4.6, SDKs (VisionWorks, DeepStream and more)
  • a large variety of add on modules available from Auvidea
  • industrial strength design

If you need UART with 3.3 V than please buy the UART level changer.

 136,00 750,00

Plus 19% VAT
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Technical details of the JNX30M

Description JNX30M
Power 6V – 19V (5.5/2.5mm barrel connector
Xavier NX powering 5V 8A power supply
DP no (yes with other JNX30 versions)
HDMI yes
FAN connector yes
M.2 NVME Key M yes
M.2 Key E only with external module (using internal USB)
USB 3.0 1x USB 3.0/3.1 (native – full performance)
Micro USB 1x Micro USB (device mode only)
Auto Flashing yes (plug in host cable and flash)
USB 2.0 USB 2.0 (JST-GH)
Ethernet Gigabit RJ45 (2 LEDs)
PoE option optional, appropriate module needed
MIPI CSI-2 2x CSI-2 (4 lanes) plus camera LED (hardware sync available)
UART console UART and user UART
Crypto chip for software copy protection and licensing
Size 80×104.6mm – flat bottom, no components on bottom side (standard version)

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