JN31 carrier board for Jetson Nano module (actively cooled)



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The JN31 is a alternative variation of the JN30 and is designed for systems in plastic housings which are cooled by a fan. JN30 is designed for passively cooled systems. The JN31 offers 2 different power connector options:

  • power connector on the front side (38379)
  • power connector on the fan side (38379-1)

The JN31 only supports the production version of the Nano module. Nano modules from the dev kit feature an incompatible pinning and are therefore not supported. Please select the JN30A carrier board, if you have a dev kit module.

Samples of the JN31 are available now.

3D model (STEP)

Additional information

Power connector position

front side (38379), fan side (38379-1)

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