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ES-JNX22 embedded system for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

The JNX22 is a compact carrier board for the Xavier NX (and Nano). It is designed for embedded systems without monitor and is a Build-to-Order system. 2 network interfaces support a network uplink and the connection of a network IP camera. This may be powered via PoE-PSE. Optionally the entire system may be powered via PoE-PD. LTE and Wifi may be added with U100 module. A typical application is a license plate recognition system (ALPR).

If there is no stock, lead times may vary. Please ask the sales team: [email protected].

The power supply is not included and can be ordered separately. We recommend the PS1236.

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Delivery Time: ca. 30 workdays
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small power supply for Nano, big power supply for Xavier NX


embedded system, bare bone