Alvium CSI-2 flex PCB cable (22 pin)

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Flex PCB cable specifically designed for CSI-2 (with controlled impedance). Adapter cable to connect CSI-2 port of Auvidea carrier board (host side) to Allied Vision Alvium cameras (camera side). Please set the CSI-2 power supply voltage on the Auvidea carrier boards to 5V. Please purchase a custom configured carrier board. Or move a 0603 size bead by a trained technician.


Model 38424
Type CSI-2 (4 lanes plus clock)
Length 60 or 120mm
Width 12.65mm
Thickness: 0.3mm
Pins 22
Mating connector FH55-22S-0.5SH (host and camera side)
Configuration 1:N (contacts on same side)

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