Jetson Xavier NX

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Auvidea will support the Xavier NX with its carrier boards. The JN80 is the first carrier board to fully support it. The JN30B will support it, as long as the 5V peak power consumption stays below 3A. The JNX30 is in design and it will fully support the Xavier NX at full current consumption (15 watt mode with a peak current of up to 5A).

Jetson Xavier NX will be available for $399 worldwide in March 2020. Please contact us for more information.

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The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX brings AI supercomputer performance to the edge in a compact system-on-module (SOM) that’s smaller than a credit card. Jetson Xavier NX is built around a low-power version of the NVIDIA Xavier SoC, combining the NVIDIA Volta GPU architecture with 64-bit operating capability, integrated advanced multi-function video and image processing, and NVIDIA Deep Learning Accelerators.

Compute performance up to 14 TOPS (at 10W) or 21 TOPS (at 15W) enables the Jetson Xavier NX to run multiple neural networks in parallel and process data from multiple high-resolution sensors simultaneously. It also offers a unique combination of performance and power advantages with a rich set of I/Os, from high-speed CSI and PCIe to low-speed I2Cs and GPIOs, allowing embedded and edge computing devices that demand increased performance but are constrained by size, weight, and power budgets.

10W 15W
AI Performance 14 TOPS (INT8) 21 TOPS (INT8)
GPU 384-core NVIDIA Volta™ GPU with 48 Tensor Cores
GPU Max Freq 800 MHz 1100 MHz
CPU 6-core NVIDIA Carmel ARM®v8.2 64-bit CPU (6MB L2 + 4MB L3)
CPU max frequency 2-core @ 1500MHz
4-core @ 1200MHz
2-core @ 1900MHz
4/6-core @ 1400Mhz
8 GB 128-bit LPDDR4x @ 1600 MHz (51.2GByte/s)
Max thermal power 10W 15W
Storage 16 GB eMMC 5.1
PCIe 1 x1 + 1 x4
(PCIe Gen3, Root-Port und Endpoint)
CSI-Kamera Up to 6 cameras (36 via virtual channels)
12 lanes MIPI CSI-2
D-PHY 1.2 (up to 2.5GHz – up to 30 Gbps in total on 12 lanes)
Video Encode 2x 464 MPixel/Sek
2x 4K @ 30 fps (HEVC)
6x 1080p @ 60 fps (HEVC)
Video Decode 2x 690 MPixel/Sek.
2x 4K @ 60 fps (HEVC)
12x 1080p @ 60 fps (HEVC)
32x 1080p @ 30 fps (HEVC)
Display 2 Multi-Mode DP 1.4/eDP 1.4/HDMI 2.0
DL Accelerator 2x NVDLA-Engines
Networking 10/100/1000 BASE-T Ethernet
CAN 1x 1 Mbps (1 MHz)
Power 5V (up to 5A)
Temperature range (Tj) -25°C – 90°C
Mechanical 45mm x 69.6mm (260-pin SO-DIMM connector)
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