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J20 add-on module for the Jetson TX1 development kit  

The J20 module is a 6 port CSI-2 add-on module for the NVIDIA Jetson TX1 development kit. Six identical CSI-2 modules with 2 lanes each may be connected.

J20 add-on module for the Jetson TX1 development kit  

Ridgerun is developing drivers for the Raspberry Pi cameras (v2.1 – IMX219 based) and the B101 HDMI to CSI-2 adapter module.

Jetson TX1 dev kit with J20 and 6 Raspberry Pi cameras v1.3 with OV5647 sensor

A simple surround view test setup for 6 cameras. We currently integrate the functionality of the J100 and the J20 into the new J106 carrier board. Please find the full description and the software integration in the Ridgerun wiki.

To facilitate I2C addressing of each module 3 I2C busses are used and an address shifter moves the I2C address of the second module so that 2 modules of the same kind can coexist on the same I2C bus. Please see the J20 technical reference manual for details.

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