Flight controller

These are the first modules which are specifically designed for the new modular motherboards.


Modular flight controller
This fight controller is designed for the modular motherboard.

  • micro controller: STM32F427VIT6 wit 2MB Flash
  • fail safe MCU: STM32F103CBT6
  • 14 PWM channels (ch 1-8 and aux 1-6) and S.BUS out
    (on three 6 pin connectors on the bottom)
  • PPM in or S-BUS in on 3 pin connector
  • MPU-9520 and MS5611 sensors (on the bottom)
  • RGB LED plus 2 amber LEDs (1x F103 and 1x F427)
  • ports on 30 pin motherboard connector:
    – serial 4 and 5
    – CAN 1 and 2
    – 2x 5V power
    – USB
    – 2 analog in (power monitor for voltage and current)
    – 10 pin debug connector for debug ports to F103 and F427 (TC2050 by tag-connect.com)
  • size: 40x41mm
  • order code: 38180



Intel Edison compute module
A compact compute module as a Linux companion to the modular flight controller. Both may be installed on the mini modular motherboard (38181).

  • compute EDISON with dual core 500MHz Intel Atom
  • micro SD card reader on the bottom side
  • two CAN bus controllers with CAN transceivers
    (MCP2515 with SPI interface)
  • 6 pin DF13 (PicoBlade) with 4 PWM channels and 5V
  • 256 byte EEPROM on I2C-6 bus
  • I2C temperature sensor (LM75ADP)
  • quarter size module for modular motherboard
  • 30 pin Molex DF17 connector on bottom:
    – 2x CAN
    – 1x Ethernet
    – 1x USB
    – 1x UART
    – 2x analog input
    – 5V power
  • size: 40x41mm
  • order code: 38178