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E12 compact encoder (HDMI)

E12 compact H.264 encoder module
The E12 compact H.264 encoder module features a mini HDMI HD video input. It puts the same features and the same performance of the E110/E112 encoders into a much smaller form factor at a much smaller weight. In particular this is important for drone and UAV applications, to encode HD video and stream it with low latency to a ground station, The latest firmware adds an interface to flight controllers and autopilot systems, to perform HD OSD display of selectable data which is received via MAVLink.




E12 – H.264 compact encoder module
The E12 compact H.264 encoder module is equipped with the 38116 multi I/O add-on module. This add-on features the minimum set of features required (e.g. RJ45 connector for 10/100 Ethernet). Alternatively other add-on modules may be plugged on top. Please see the add-on page for further details.


Technical details

  • H.264 video encoder with mini HDMI input
  • RTSP live stream (low latency with selected players)
  • recording .mp4 file to USB device of SD card
  • 10/100 Ethernet to connect to IP network (live stream and control)
  • optional: add-on modules for various add-on functions
  • optional: transmuxing to other streaming protocols with WiFi option (Carambola 2 or others)

Audio and video encoding

  • H.264 codec up to level 4.1 (baseline, main, and high profiles)
  • video encoding up to 720p50/60, 1080i50/60 or 1080p24/25/30
  • streaming: RTSP stream (128 to 20000 kbit/s)
  • live change of bandwidth, GOP size and resolution while streaming
  • power: 7 – 17V, 3.5W (5.5×2.5mm jack) – optional: internal power connector
  • size: 49 x 61 mm
  • mounting: extra 7mm mounting hole
  • weight: 17 gr (just the encoding module)


  • Linux based
  • control via integrated web interface
  • HTTP request based API (low latency: 100ms typical)
  • RTSP video streaming (low latency with selected players)
  • full access to system, video and encoding parameters


  • rev 2 (38137-2) in production now