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E110-A1 GPIO add-on module

GPIO add-on module for the E110 (top view)

This add-on module has been specifically designed for the E110, to expand on its capabilities. Switches and LEDs may be connected to control the E110 encoder. It resides on top of the E110 not enlarging its footprint. It interfaces to the 40 pin AUX connector. Please contact us, if you wish to customize this module.

Technical details

  • 4 inputs for 4 switches (start/stop record, start/stop stream, capture image, misc)
  • 4 outputs to drive 4 LEDs (20mA)
  • hardware watchdog: monitors operation of E110 firmware and hardware resets E110, if firmware of E110 is not responding
  • temperature sensor
  • monitor system voltages: DC in (typically 12V), 5.0V, 3.3V and 1.8V
  • analog input (pin 1 of P14)
  • on board micro controller: STM32F100CBT6B (customization on request)
  • optional real time clock (RTC) with Lithium backup battery (CR1225)
  • optional IR receiver (RC-5)
  • optional RS232 port (TTL level)
  • interface to E110 via I2C interface
  • board to board distance: 5mm
  • size: 28 x 77 mm
  • 2 layer PCB (printed circuit board) – all SMD components on the back
  • GPIO signals on 2.54mm header (P14) on top or 16 pin FPC connector on the bottom (1mm pitch) 


  • January 2015: limited production (38116-2) 

Please request a quotation.

The micro controller is programmed through the 5 pin MC programming interface on P14. The programming adapter is the ST-LINK or STM32VLDISCOVERY board for the STM32F100 processor. The software development system is Atollic TrueStudio. Please contact us for licensing models for the source code to the firmware.