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This module adds an analog audio in and out, a micro controller for IR receiver and sender, audio LED meter and an RS232 port to your Raspberry Pi. This board is currently in development and should be in production in Q2 2014. It connects to the Raspberry Pi board via the 26 pin GPIO header and the 8 pin I2S header. 

Raspberry Pi with the Audio and RS232 Module mounted on top

Audio and RS232 Module (top side with silk screen)

Two 3.5mm jacks for audio in and RS232. A 4 pin header for audio out (headphone: HPL and HPR).

Audio and RS232 Module (bottom side)

Micro controller

  • part number: STM32F051K4T6
  • 48 MHz 32 bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor
  • 32 pin LQFP package
  • 16 kB Flash and 4 kB RAM
  • audio meter: 8 LEDs (L1 to L8), power LED (PWR) and LED
  • digital audio (I2S) interface to analog audio codec (BCK, LRCK, DATA_IN)
  • IR sender: IR_OUT
  • IR receiver: IR_REC
  • I2C slave interface to Raspberry Pi (I2C bus 1)
  • 5 pin 2.54mm header for user programming interface (P4: ST-LINK)
  • 20 pin wireless audio header (EHIF_IRQ, SPI interface and I2S interface – switched with AUD_WA)
  • not used: PB8

What is included?

The Audio and RS232 Module ships with a 8 pin header for the Raspbery Pi, and a 11mm metal standoff with M2.5 screw and nut.