V104 HD Video Processor with case



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With housing and power supply

This video processor combines two input sources plus graphics overlay into a single output.
Each input has cropping, scaling deinterlacing and frame rate conversion.
Flexible configurations are possible, such as full-screen video input switching, side-by-side (3D view), picture-in-picture (PiP), picture-over-picture (PoP) and more.

It has additional HDMI splitter output, so input 1 from the V104 is processed and also output in its original format.
The input 2 can be connected to a camera and the input 1 is a notebook.
Output 1 connects to the projector, while Output 2 feeds an HD video recorder (R100) for recording rich media presentations. Size: 104.6 × 79.3 mm (PCB).

Key features

  • HDMI Video Out is always active – video resolution is programmable
  • tHDMI video out retains its format even if the resolution of the camera (notebook) changes
  • additional 2nd HDMI Video Out (HDMI splitter output)
  • downconversion from 1080p60 to 1080p30
  • 2 HDMI video inputs (up to 1080p60 each)
  • Deinterlacing, cropping and scaling each HDMI input
  • flexible video positioning in 2 video windows for output (such as 3D view, PIP, PnP, etc.)
  • 256-color graphics-video overlay for logos etc
  • size: same size and mounting hole pattern as E1xx – so they can be stacked
  • on board microcontroller
  • custom preset configurations selectable via DIP switch
  • UART config interface (in the future: possibly config via web interface)

Unique selling points of the V104

  • programmable and controllable
  • Signal processing: 2D to 3D video converter
  • dynamic overlay
  • irregular format of video windows e.g. in heart shape
  • race trace
  • recording system
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