JN30A carrier board for Jetson Nano Dev. Kit rev. 3 (PoE PSE) with casing

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This new JN30A carrier board turns the Jetson Nano compute module into a superminicomputer. The JN30A supports easy automatic flashing (just connect the USB OTG cable) and high-performance storage (M.2 NVME PCIe x4).
This is revision 2 of the board, which has PoE PSE.
If you need PoE PD, then please look at revision 3: https://auvidea.eu/product/jn30-carrier-board-for-jetson-nano-rev-3-poe-pd/

The NVIDIA Jetson Nano dev. kit is included.

Built-in a passively cooled aluminum case.

More technical details are shown below.

Technical details of the JN30A:

  • 2 standard versions: JN30A-LC and JN30A
  • special configuration possible with a minimum purchase of
    25 pcs (display port, M.2, PoE, 48V power in, supercap option, 2 RPi camera module connectors, SPI, I2C, switches, etc.)
  • a more compact version of the JN30 is planned
  • Please note that the 2 lane CSI ports on the bottom side are not supported yet.

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