Jetson TX2 embedded and barebone systems


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4 versions Compute module flashing service carrier
embedded system Jetson TX2 installed ready to boot
(OS installed)
bare bone without compute module flash yourself J220

A dual Jetson TX2 version is in development. All versions of the TX2 are supported. The barebone system includes: J220(LC) carrier board, passively cooled aluminum case (135x109x50mm) and mounting material. With a small NRE charge the front plate may be customised.


Available on Request
Current lead times: At least app. 24-30 weeks
can be backordered

Add on modules Features
38363 4x USB 2.0 to 100bT Ethernet with 26W PoE PSE
4x Ethernet ports
3 connector options: RJ45, IX or JST-GH)
38372 2x M2 (LTE and WIFI) and 2x USB 2.0 JST-GH
38385 4x USB 2.0 type A
38391 dev kit camera module and 2x GbE (i210 – JST-GH)
38392 dev kit camera module, 1x GbE (i210 – JST-GH) and mini UPS controller (supercaps)

The mini UPS controller supports 4 supercaps (25F to 70F) to power the unit up to a few minutes for a graceful power down in case of a power outage. The modules above may optionally be installed in the aluminum housing and the additional connectors are brought out on the back plate. These embedded systems are special order items. Please contact Auvidea sales for pricing and availability.

A power supply is optional. Please select one with 5.5/2.5mm power plug and the appropriate voltage and power rating.

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