ES-JNX84 Nano or Xavier NX embedded system

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This product has been developed for cost sensitive embedded headless system. Cost has been reduced by eliminating interfaces like monitor output. The target market is security and surveillance applications. GPIO inputs and outputs support the interfacing to alarm systems.

This is a fully integrated embedded system in a black aluminum enclosure. Size: 130 x 66.8 x 37mm (without flanges) – 158.6 x 66.8 x 37mm (with mounting flanges)
4 mounting holes
With a small NRE charge the front plate may be customised.

The JNX84 features an industrial strength design and is commercially deployable in any volume.

SW setup guide 3D model (STEP)

The power supply is not included and can be ordered separately.
We recommend the PS1236.


The lowest cost version is reduced to the max as it only features a power input and Ethernet output. Other versions add interfaces like the GPIO connector, CSI-2, SD card and more. The NX versions integrate an enhanced power supply with 5V and up to 8A.

An SSD can be ordered additionally:
Please note that JNX84-LC has no M2. SSD interface.

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ES-JNX84-LC Nano, ES-JNX84 Nano, ES-JNX84-AI Nano, ES-JNX84 Xavier NX 8GB, ES-JNX84 Xavier NX 16 GB, ES-JNX84-AI Xavier NX8GB, ES-JNX84-AI Xavier NX16 GB

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