JNX30-LC-PD Carrier Board for NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX Rev. 1 (PoE PD)

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The JNX30-LC-PD is a compact carrier board for the Jetson Xavier NX (and Nano). It supports the MAXN mode of the Xavier NX and adds CAN and PCIe x1 (compared to the JN30). A special feature is the PoE PD function. That means that the JN30B-LC-PD can be powered by power over ethernet.

The JNX30 is also available as low cost version (JNX30-LC). The JNX30-LC-PD version adds powering by PoE from a network switch (PoE-PD: 802.3at) and a micro SD card. The full version of the JNX30 is available in 2 flavours: PoE-PD (powered device) to be powered by a network switch or PoE-PSE (power sourcing equipment) to power a network IP camera.

3D model (STEP)

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Carrier JNX30-LC-PD JNX30
CPU Module NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
display 1 HDMI HDMI
display 2 Display port
CSI-2 2 four lane 2 four lane and 2 two lane
USB 3.0 1 1
USB 2.0 1 (4 with optional USB module) 1 (4 with optional USB module)
micro USB automatic flashing automatic flashing
network GbE (PoE PD) GbE
M.2 storage M.2 MVME PCIe x4 2260/2280 M.2 MVME PCIe x4 2260/2280
micro SD card yes
IMU MPU 9250 9 axis sensor
aluminium case passively cooled optional passively cooled optional
supercap option for graceful power down
GPIOs SPI, I2C, GPIO and switches
fan 4 pin picoblade (for TX1/TX2) 4 pin picoblade (for TX1/TX2)
power 12V 12V to 48V
size 80mm x 104.8mm 80mm x 104.8mm
PoE – (select: LC-PD version) PoE-PD or PoE-PSE
components on top side only (flat bottom) on both sides


Add on modules Features
U110 (38363) 4x USB 2.0 to 100bT Ethernet with 26W PoE PSE
4x Ethernet ports
3 connector options: RJ45, IX or JST-GH)
U100 (38372) 2x M2 (LTE and WIFI) and 2x USB 2.0 JST-GH
U120 (38385) 4x USB 2.0 type A
38391 dev kit camera module and 2x GbE (i210 – JST-GH)
38392 dev kit camera module, 1x GbE (i210 – JST-GH) and mini UPS controller (supercaps)
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