V20 HD-SDI to CSI-2 bridge

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V20 Raspberry Pi camera emulator with SDI input.
SMA female to MCX cable

Note: compatible only with Raspberry Pi

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V20 Raspberry Pi camera emulator with SDI input (with YUV to Bayer color conversion). 2 MXC connectors for HD-SDI video in and loop through out. 2 CSI-2 connectors: 22 pin 0.5mm pitch with 4 data lanes on top and 15 pin 1.0mm pitch with 2 data lanes on the bottom side (Raspberry Pi camera pinout).

This module features an SDI input and CSI-2 output with 2 lanes, to connect to the CSI-2 camera input and to emulate the Pi camera. No special driver required.

  • SDI input (MCX): 1080p24, 1080p25, 1080p30
  • loop through SDI output (MCX)

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