41.5 MP CSI-2 camera module (Toshiba TCM8647MD)

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41.5MP camera module for professional applications
– highest resolution and superior image quality
– up to 4k @ 60 fps and 8k @ 15 fps
– lightweight (5 gr)
– compact size
– low cost

Applications: UAV, security, robotics, street view mapping, machine vision, medical, handheld devices, life science, broadcasting, TV cinema, defense, VR/AR, deep learning, computer vision, IoT, lens-free microscopy, and many more.

Content: this item only includes the Toshiba TCM8647MD camera module.

Please note that the camera is no longer supported.

Delivery Time: 4 weeks

Note: not compatible with the TX2.

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Compact 41.5-megapixel CSI-2 camera module for professional applications. With the highest resolution and superior image quality. For the Auvidea Jetson TX1 carrier boards. Up to 4kp60 and 8kp15. With integrated Zeiss lens. Optional CS mount and camera interface adapter modules. 360° camera systems (with 6 cameras) in development.

The Jetson TX1 compute module supports up to six 2 lane (e.g. J106) or three 4 lane (e.g. J140) CSI-2 interfaces. So up to 3 or 6 of these camera modules may be connected to a single TX1 compute module. This supports stereo vision and surround-view camera systems.

Other supporting carrier boards are the J90 with two 4 lane interfaces and the new J94 with all 6 CSI-2 interfaces on a single connector. The J120 supports a single camera module. Auvidea develops alternatives to the FFC cable connection with better electrical and mechanical specifications to extend the cable length up to 20 meters. Please contact us for details.

Please note that the camera is no longer supported.


Specification 41.5MP Toshiba camera module
Model Toshiba TCM8647MD
Sensor large CMOS image sensor: 2/3“ (1/1.6″), 10.015mm diagonal
full resolution: 7728(H) x 5368(V) = 41.5Mpix
4:3 mode: 7152(H) x 5358(V) = 38 Mpix
16:9 mode: 7728(H) x 4354(V) = 33 Mpix
color filtering type: Bayer (de-bayering performed by Jetson TX1)
pixel size: 1.12um
Resolution 4 CSI-2 lanes: up to 4kp60 or 8kp15
2 CSI-2 lanes: up to 1080p60, 4kp30 or 8kp6
Interfaces MIPI CSI-2 (2 or 4 lanes), I2C
output formats: SMIA++ compatible
optional interface adapter (38212-2) for Auvidea Jetson TX1 carrier boards (22 pin FPC)
mating board-to-board connector: JAE AA06C-S030VA1-R6000-NK (30 pin with 0.4mm pitch)
Features backside illumination (BSI)
high dynamic range (HDR)
color noise reduction (CNR)
Lens made by Carl Zeiss, 1 glass mold and 5 plastics
coating: AR
wide-angle of view: 79°, 65.3°(H), 77.5°(V)
aperture: F2.23
global shutter (mechanical – up to 1 fps)
motorized focus control (focal length 6.2mm)
focus adjustment: automatic by command
focus range: 150mm to infinite (in wide view)
optical image stabilization (OiS) with barrel shift
Weight 5.35 grams
Size 22mm(D) x 17mm(W) x 10mm(H) excluding FPC cable
Temperature operating: -30 to +70°C
nominal operating for best lens performance: 45°C
storage: -40 to +85°C
Driver support L4T 24.2.1 for NVIDIA Jetson TX1 (up to 6 cameras)
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